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11.11.2023 – Meteor Watch IV // Erfurt


iUll is all about fun with sound and passion for electronics and music. We use diverse synthesizers, drum computers, vocals and guitars to create a mixture of sound containing elements we find interesting, artistic, melancholic, euphoric and most of all fun. In our sound you can identify the sunrise at a techno party, the smell of the waves at the shore dancing to fine house music, the theme of an eighties movie, the vibration of a new wave tape filling a dark room, disco lights showing shortly and continuously many faces and night lights over an empty city.


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The main event this year!

New Wave, EBM,  Dark Techno, Italo, Post Punk.


Vince Mnemonic



22 Uhr // KickerKeller // Erfurt



Jakobstrasse 20
Weimar 99423, Germany